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VdB 105 and 106 in Ophiuchus

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This image has been published in:

Sky & Telescope November 2016 75th Anniversary Issue Image of the Day on June 13, 2016

Van den Bergh 105 and 106 (alternatively catalogued as IC 4603 and IC 4604) are reflection nebulae in the constellation of Ophiuchus. These nebulae form the blue reflection portion of the larger Rho Ophiuchus cloud complex, an often photographed part of the night sky. Surrounding the reflection nebulae are dark molecular clouds of cold hydrogen gas, appearing as silhouetting wisps obscuring the background starlight. 

Imaging Details

Location: Mersing, Malaysia

Date(s): May 2016
Telescope: FSQ85ED at f/5.3
Camera: SBIG ST-8300M
Mount: Losmandy G11 Gemini 2
Exposure: LRGB 80:85:80:75 (Total: 5.25 hours)

Image reduction, integration and processing with Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight.

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