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Ivan Bok


I am an astrophotographer based in Singapore. All the images you see here are photographed by me using personal equipment. 

While I set up this website partly to showcase imagery, I strongly feel that posting images without explaining what they are is a rather pointless pursuit. Omitting this crucial element fundamentally disregards the reason why we do astronomy, and why images of the universe are compelling. The true grandeur of these images can only be fully comprehended when the nature of these objects is understood, even if on a very basic level. 

I have organised this website in a manner that reflects this. In every image I post, and in the overall organisation of the gallery, I have written a word description about the object. I am currently in the process of rewriting the descriptions to make it more accessible to those new to astronomy. 

For those of you who are new to astronomy, I hope that this website will thereby give you a window to the Universe, and hopefully inspire your curiosity in the heavens beyond.

ivan bok singapore astronomy astrophotography

Photo credit: Junwei Pan

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