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Image Gallery: A Story of Starlight

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What is A Story of Starlight about?

A Story of Starlight is the theme of the gallery which I am presenting my astronomical imagery in. The flow of the imagery which you will see tells a story of the lives of stars, taking you from their birthplace in the stellar nurseries of star-forming nebulae (Chapter I), to a story of how stars live in clusters of stars and galaxies (Chapter II), and finally to their hauntingly beautiful deaths (Chapter III).


In doing so, I want to bring across a quintessential point about astrophotography which many all too often miss out: that the beauty of the Universe is not only in an aesthetic, superficial sense. Beyond the prismatic colours of astronomical objects, observing the stars has given us a perspective of the intricate physical laws that shape the Universe from its most fundamental level, and how our existence came about as a direct consequence. 

Resonance: Our Connection with the Stars

Before beginning your journey, it is worthwhile to note that Astronomy is not “merely” the study of the heavens above and “outer space”. Yes, these objects are incredibly distant, but on a physical level, our existence as humans is inextricably tied to the rest of the cosmos. The view that modern science has given us paints a very powerful understanding of our origins: which is the fact that our bodies are composed of literal stardust. The reason that life can exist on Earth today is because of generations of stars long gone; stars that were the only means of creating the heavier elements from which life could build. 


The strong evidence that modern science and astronomy has given us to support this fact comes from centuries of observing starlight. Across the void of space, these faint echoes from distant stars give us a wealth of information, unveiling their secrets photon by photon. Although these faint echoes can be transformed into stunning images of galaxies and nebulae, astronomy gives us not only pictures of a vibrant celestial landscape, but a picture of where we came from and where we stand in the grandest scheme of things.

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