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The Rosette Nebula

A Stellar Bloom in Monoceros

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The Rosette Nebula is a star-forming cloud of gas and dust in the constellation of Monoceros. From our vantage point on the Earth, the Rosette Nebula resembles a top-down view of a blooming rose. Owing to the abundance of hydrogen gas in the cloud, it glows in a deep red hue in true faith to its more terrestrial doppelgänger. 

Within the clouds of the rosette, we see dense knots of rope-like structures known as "elephant trunks". These filamentary structures are formed as a result of denser clumps of gas blocking stellar winds from powerful high mass stars, creating an extended region of denser gas. Such elephant trunks are also prominently featured at the heart of the Eagle Nebula, and are dubbed the "Pillars of Creation". 

Imaging Details

Equipment and Exposure:

Location: Singapore

Dates: November and December 2015
Scope: Takahashi FS60CB at f/6.2
Mount: Losmandy G11/Gemini 2
Camera: SBIG ST8300M

Total Exposure Time: 2 hours

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