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The Fighting Dragons of Ara

A Duel Amongst the Stars

rim nebula astronomy singapore astrophotography

NGC 6188, also known as the fighting dragons of Ara or (more mundanely) the Rim nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation of Ara. It gets its name from the apparent silhouette of two dragons engaged in a cosmic combat. Due to its hydrogen-rich clouds, NGC 6188 is a region of active star formation, and its structure is shaped by the powerful stellar winds of the young and massive stars within. The glowing bipolar planetary nebula, NGC 6164, is visible at the bottom of the frame, which some liken to being like the "dragon's egg". 

Imaging Details

Location: Singapore (HA) and Malaysia (RGB)

Date(s): July and August 2016

Telescope: FSQ85ED at f/5.3
Camera: SBIG ST8300M, shot through Baader 7nm HA filter
Mount: Losmandy G11/G2
Exposure (minutes): HaRGB 85:15:20:25

Image reduction, integration and processing with Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight.

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