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The Dark Doodad

A Fine Dark Nebula far in the Southern Sky


The Dark Doodad is a dark nebula located in the constellation of Musca near the south celestial pole. While it does not emit its own light, it is distinctly seen as a silhouette against the backdrop of the Southern Milky Way's dense starfield. To the right of the Dark Doodad lies the globular cluster NGC 4362. 

Imaging Details

Location: Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Date: 22 April 2015
Telescope/Lens: Borg 71FL
Mount: ZEQ25GT
Guiding: SBIG ST-i 100mm f/2.8 lens, SBIG ST-i
Camera: Canon EOS 400D (Modified: Baader UV/IR cut)
Exposure: 12x900sec @ ISO400. Darks and Flats applied. 

Image reduction, integration and processing with Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight.

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